Albert Strano—Creative Director + Designer


Brand Identity
Art Direction

Zone TV
—Rebrand for entertainment technology company

Television with vision.

Zone TV is redefining the TV viewing environment by delivering personalized entertainment experiences filled with expertly curated, exciting new content.

The project started with Jennifer Murray developing the Zone TV brand strategy. That strategy formed the foundation of the visual identity.

With Zone TV’s unique content, proprietary A.I. and customizable viewing environment, I wanted to design a symbol that would reflect a “lean in” or “lean back ” viewing experience. The symbol does just that—it leans forward or leans back depending on how you choose to view it.

Having developed all of Zone·TV’s brand assets, dynamic channel brandmarks and their “Television with vision” positioning line, they asked to moved forward with building out their ad campaigns, print materials, website and channel promos.

I worked with Alexandra Vella who created on-air graphics. I also work closely with their development team to constantly improve the design of their dynamic channel user interface.

A huge thanks to Canadian illustrator Ty Dale for the illustrations that helped bring the Zone TV brand to life.

zone·tv logo
zonetv symbol
zonetv channel logos
zonetv channel logos
zonetv dynamic channels book cover