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Our customers really like the new Rollados packaging! The design represents the product accurately and offers a great visual at point of sale. The calavera, colours and overall look is perfect for our audience.

—Peter Johnson, Vice President National Sales

—Branding + Package Design

Better Food Concepts developed a new convenience item for their grab-and-go retail clients—a new alternative to the classic burrito. Rollados are single-serve taco rolls with Mexican-inspired fillings baked into a soft masa dough. They come in four different flavour configurations, two of which are breakfast items. We were asked to develop the taco rolls’ branding and package design.

We were looking to create a brand that was fun, and somewhat retro in its approach. Their overarching design and packaging were also meant to look different in order to achieve shelf appeal and differentiate Rollados from other quick-serve items. We commissioned illustrator Anthony Orozco to create his version of the classic Mexican Calavera. The type we chose for the wordmark is playful with a retro edge and the overall packaging has a matte finish to give it a softer feel.

Rollados package design beef and cheese
Rollados package design sausage and bacon
rollados canvas bag design
Rollados package design all skus
Rollados package design beef
Rollados package design chicken
Rollados package design sausage and egg
Rollados package design bacon and egg