Albert Strano—Creative Director + Designer

Jenny Betts package design


Visual Identity


My customers love the entire
design package.

—Founder, Jenny Betts London

Jenny Betts London
—Fragrance, Bath & Beauty Packaging

London is like a second home, and I always enjoy working with UK clients. So, when Jenny Betts London approached me to develop her branding, I was very much looking forward to the project.

Jenny Betts London is an independent maker of beautiful hand-poured soy candles, reed diffusers and beauty products. My approach was to develop Jenny Betts’ branding and packaging in a way that would reflect the premium, handcrafted nature of her products. Her products are elegant and the company’s fragrance formulations are personally developed by Jenny Betts.

This is a luxury brand I very much look forward to continue working with—and helping to grow.

Jenny Betts London logo
Jenny Betts candle and box package design
jenny betts dark label candle package design
Jenny Betts portrait
jenny betts homepage layout