Albert Strano—Creative Director + Designer

Effica DNA kit package design


Brand Identity

Effica Precision Life Sciences
—Cannabis + DNA Technology Platform

Precision life sciences and the efficacy of personalized, genomics-based medicine.

Effica was created as the medical division of one of Canada’s leading cannabis holding companies. The brand’s ethos was centred around efficacy—evidence-based, personalized health and wellness solutions which all start with a simple genomics test.

Jennifer Murray began by synthesizing the company’s research into a cohesive brand strategy. This was followed by a rigorous name generation exercise, culminating in the name Effica for the corporate brand and Quod:TX for their DNA kit and nutraceutical products line.

Effica comes from efficacy.

The name Quod:TX, pronounced “quad,” is a reference to the four chemical building blocks of the DNA molecule. “Quod” in latin translates to “evidence.” Combined with TX, or treatment, Quod:TX stands for evidence-based treatment.

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Effica website homepage design
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