Albert Strano—Creative Director + Designer

Dmark Logo on grey backgriund


Brand Identity

D·Mark Biosciences
—Genomic + Life Sciences Workflow Solutions

Partners in Global Life Sciences Workflow Optimization.

D·Mark is the genomic and life sciences workflow solutions partner of choice for scientists and bio-science labs. D·Mark specializes in the identification and curation of leading-edge products and expert technical consultation that accelerate the development of vital research discoveries and diagnostics.

Using the brand strategy developed by Jennifer Murray as the foundation, a new brand identity was created for the brand, along with the visual language and a package design system.

A complete, end-to-end business solution.

D-mark package design
D-mark package design DNA box
D-mark package design protein boxes
D-mark secondary logo
D-mark catalogue design
D-mark branding on multipipette
D-mark homepage design
D-mark business card design